• $25.00

    Limited Edition BB Rose Gold Sonic Brush

    Pre-Order Only The Limited Edition BB Rose Gold Sonic Brush is used to: Exfoliate Dead Skin Break Down Oil and Dirt in Pores Remove Impurities Assist with Complexion Promote Collagen Production 4 Modes: Gentle Pulsating Massage Deep Cleanse Charger Include ...
  • $500.00$2,100.00

    Makeup Certification

    1-Day Certification Contact the school for information.
  • $525.00

    Medical Nail Technician Certification

      Invest in yourself and become a Medical Nail Technician (MNT) today! INCLUDES: MNT Nail Kit CURRICULUM: Overview of MNT Learn treatment & evaluation Aseptic Techniques
  • Mega Mastery Lash Extension Course

    Start your lashing career today by enrolling in our 1-Day Mega Mastery Lash Extension Certification course. This course is for those who have previous experience lashing. You will learn: Lashing Application Methods Lash Growth Tweezer/Product Practices How ...
  • $650.00

    Microcurrent Training

      Become certified in Microcurrent Training today! In this training, you will be educated on how to become a professional Microcurrent Technician. INCLUDES: Microcurrent Kit CURRICULUM: Overview of what Microcurrent is Benefits of Service Pigments/Ski ...
  • $650.00

    Microdermabrasion Training

      Become certified in Microdermabrasion training. In this certification, you will be educated and trained on the essential history and techniques of the procedure. INCLUDES: Microdermabrasion Kit CURRICULUM: What is Microdermabrasion? Overview of trea ...
  • Microlink Training

      Expand your hair care knowledge in Microlink Training with this certification course. INCLUDES: Microlink Kit CURRICULUM: Learn who is a good candidate for Microlink installation Learn Microlink techniques (Single-weft, Double-Weft, I-Tips) Tools &a ...
  • Microneedling Training

    This certification instructs the method of micro needling to restore the overall health of the skin. INCLUDES: Microneedling Kit CURRICULUM:  Proper use and history of Microneedling devices Guidelines & Protocols Product Use Clinical use of microneedli ...
  • $125.00

    Product Ingredients & Formulation

    You will learn how to formulate and use proper ingredients for skincare.
  • $25.00

    UltraSonic + BB Mini Cleanser Bundle

    Pre-Order Only
  • $1,250.00

    Volume Lash Extension Course

    Start your lashing career today by enrolling in our 1-Day Volume Lash Extension Certification course. In this course, students will be certified in applying multiple lash extensions to a single natural eyelash. Lashing experience is recommended You will le ...
  • $200.00

    Wig Making Class

      Book today to learn how to make a Lace Closure Unit and take your business or hobby to the next level. Each In Person package is 100% Beginner Friendly. *Course will take up to 3-4 hours to teach depending on experience* A Sewing Machine is availabl ...