“The ladies (Cassidy and Cassandra) were wonderful and attentive to everything. I have enjoyed my first pedicure and will be back. Telling all my friends what a wonderful place and people are here.”

— Theresa Buford


I have been coming to Guy’s Academy for over three years. Always receive excellent service from students and staff.
From facials to hair services Guy’s can’t be beat.

— Karen Coleman



As a Guy’s client from the Youree Drive days, I have always been impressed with the quality of the instruction and the caliber of the students, particularly in the esthetics department. I have experienced services in schools and high end salons throughout the country, so I fell especially confident in saying I believe an <esthetic student> will be an outstanding skin care specialist since her work is already highly skilled.
Having been diagnosed with rosacea I was especially impressed with <esthetic student>’s intake process and attention to the needs of sensitive aging skin. On two separate occasions, I received a truly customized facial that left my skin smoothed, calmed, and hydrated. <Esthetic student>’s touch and massage techniques are especially noteworthy. She listened to my concerns, dealt with my skincare issues gently and professionally, and is a soothing presence herself.
I am delighted to recommend this gifted student.

— Jeannine Beekman



I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for <esthetic student>. I have had the pleasure of being a client of <esthetic student> on two separate occasions. For both treatments there was a bit of embarrassment for me, as my skin was not in the best shape. I was quickly soothed by a professional but yet personal conversation.
My first appointment consisted of a microdermabrasion. <Esthetic student> has a professional and confident air of her skills. This was evident through informative conversations about dehydration, dangers of sun and future treatments that would be beneficial for my skin care concerns. The treatment was detail-oriented and any questions were answered through explanation. I was shown mirrors for demonstrations and advised suggestions for concerns.
The second appointment was for an ear candling and waxing. <Esthetic student> again turned an uncomfortable situation into a pleasing experience. Her strong interpersonal character puts you at ease and insures a pleasurable experience.
<Esthetic student> will be an asset to any employer. Her personal and professional skills are sure to enhance the experience of many clients to come. She has been highly recommended to my friends and family members. I am looking forward to another treatment in the near future.
Please feel free to contact me as a reference any time.

— Katrina Turgeon



I am writing this letter on behalf of <esthetic student>. She was referred to me by a family member. I always take family referrals seriously. I was told wonderful things about <esthetic student> and I was not disappointed. I did not have to wait one minute past my appointment time. She was warm and inviting as soon as she walked up to me. I was nervous about my facial and wax but she put me at ease right away.
She talked me through each step of the facial, I asked questions about some of her techniques and she answered them in a way I could easily understand. <Esthetic student> made me feel relaxed and comfortable the entire time. I loved the way my skin felt and looked after the facial. Crystal did a great job on my lib and brow as well. She took her time and made sure by eyebrows were exactly the way I like them.
With her warm disposition and dedication to good work, I feel <esthetic student> makes a great esthetician. If my schedule allowed it, I would be a frequent client of hers. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at the above telephone number.

— Laura Singletary



I have had the great pleasure of having a microdermabrasion and facial with <esthetic student> in June. She is a true professional and I left Guy’s with a wonderfully smooth, soft, and nearly blemish-free skin. It was a truly wonderful experience and I am looking forward to having more skin treatments performed by <esthetic student>.
<Esthetic student> is extremely well-organized, detail-oriented, and personable in her approach to skin care. The time she took to explain all aspects of the treatment demonstrated true mastery. I could tell she really cares about her clients and conducts all of her duties with keen intellect and precision especially with the diamond microdermabrasion machine. Further, she shows you the treatment results. I was genuinely delighted with our time together and very pleased with her thoroughness and efficiency.
I give <esthetic student> my highest recommendation as an extremely bright and highly capable esthetician with an extraordinary positive attitude towards skincare. She is a shining star and I believe she will do well in any endeavor she chooses. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this exceptional young woman.

— Gale E. Funk



I am writing this letter to inform you of the great treatment I received at your facility from <esthetic student>. On three separate occasions, I received microdermabrasion treatments and individual lash clusters from <esthetic student>.
I have never had the microdermabrasion before and I had several concerns about the process and possible results. <Esthetic student> took the time to listen to my skin care concerns, evaluate my skin, and provided a great consultation. She did an excellent job explaining the procedure to me, as well as explaining the all-important home care instructions and expectations after the treatment. The time <esthetic student> took prior to the microdermabrasion put me at ease and she did an awesome job performing the microdermabrasion.
<Esthetic student>’s customer service skills are impeccable and I was thoroughly impressed. She always took time before the services to address any concerns that I may have had. She also provided valuable information on products/services/specials offered by Guy’s Academy to address my skin care concerns as well as my hair and nails.
From the very first encounter with <esthetic student>, she has been a true professional. She has always been attentive to my needs during my appointments. <Esthetic student> has consistently expressed genuine concern and answered all my questions.
<Esthetic student> is an excellent clinician and a great representative for Guy’s Academy. I would definitely recommend Guy’s Academy and <esthetic student>, specifically, for any of the provided services.

— Keisha Yarbrough



As a student at Guy’s Academy in Shreveport, <esthetic student> performed a microdermabrasion for me. I had this procedure performed several times before meeting <esthetic student>. When I used <esthetic student> for this service, she demonstrated appropriate knowledge and professionalism. She was courteous, attentive and accommodating. If given a chance, I would definitely use her services again.
I work in the healthcare setting, however, my mother has had a salon for more than 30 years now, I know that my mother looks for workers who take their work seriously and know how to make clients feel comfortable so that they will enjoy their experience at her salon. Based on my experience with <esthetic student>, she can be expected to show these qualities.

— Stacy Sessions