Mega Mastery Lash Extension Course

Start your lashing career today by enrolling in our 1-Day Mega Mastery Lash Extension Certification course. This course is for those who have previous experience lashing.

You will learn:
  • Lashing Application Methods
  • Lash Growth
  • Tweezer/Product Practices
  • How to Treat Reactions and Sensitivities
  • Fanning Methods
  • Proper Hygiene and Safety
  • Lash Styles
  • Maintenance + Care
  • Lash Curl, Length and Diameter
  • Lash Fills & Removal

What’s Included:

Lashing Kit, Wholesale/Packaging Info, Business Tips, Lash Bed & Lash Light 

Cost of Full Course: $2,100
Deposit Required: $500