• $625.00

    6 in 1 Body Sculpting Machine

    PRE-ORDER ONLY Machine Includes: 40kHz Cavitation Head 8 Positioning Plates Sextupole Radio Frequency for Body Quadrupole Radio Frequency for Face and Small Body Areas Three Pole Radio frequency for Face and Eyes Vacuum with Bipolar Radio Frequency Power C ...
  • $49.95

    BB High Frequency

    Pre-Order Only
  • $23.99

    BB Ice Globes

    Pre-Order Only
  • $18.00

    BB Sonic Brush

    Pre-Order Only The BB Sonic Brush is a waterproof, ultrasonic handheld brush used to deeply cleanse and exfoliate  Silicone Brush Head Anti-aging and Anti-allergy 5 Vibration Modes  Rinse with Water After Use 2 hour USB charge
  • $25.95

    BB Steamer

    Pre-Order Only
  • $245.00

    BELBO Facial Beds

    Pre-Order Only Features: 1. Portable  2. Bed frame/Legs are made of heavy duty metal square pipe with protective covering 3. Frame made with attached pillow, 2 piece folding armrest and 2 piece plastic bin storage 4. Foot adjustable up to 75 degrees, Head ...
  • $125.00

    BELBO Light Therapy

      Pre-Order Only Belbo Light Therapy assists with: Skin Rejuvenation Creating firm skin Restoring collagen and skin tone Pigmentation Wrinkle Removal Acne
  • $20.00

    BELBO Signature JELLY MASK (retail size)

      Crystal jelly mask powder retail size. (This product is prepackaged and sold by weight up to 22.9 fluid ounces in a plastic container). Do not take orally, avoid contact with eyes.  
  • $25.00

    Limited Edition BB Rose Gold Sonic Brush

    Pre-Order Only The Limited Edition BB Rose Gold Sonic Brush is used to: Exfoliate Dead Skin Break Down Oil and Dirt in Pores Remove Impurities Assist with Complexion Promote Collagen Production 4 Modes: Gentle Pulsating Massage Deep Cleanse Charger Include ...
  • $25.00

    UltraSonic + BB Mini Cleanser Bundle

    Pre-Order Only